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Get Qualified

To ensure a successful home purchase in San Diego, obtaining a pre-approval for a loan is crucial. It provides you with a clear idea of the price range that suits your budget. Besides, when you make an offer with a pre-approval letter, it gives you a significant advantage over other buyers as sellers and their agents take such offers more seriously. However, before getting pre-approval, you must review your credit score and address any discrepancies or other concerns to avoid issues when placing competitive offers. We can make the process easy for you by connecting you with one of our preferred lenders.

Find an Agent

To ensure a successful home purchase in San Diego, it is crucial to work with a real estate agent who specializes in your desired neighborhood. Holly can guide you through the entire real estate transaction process, including financing, understanding taxes associated with home ownership, and finding the best properties to fit your needs. She will also help you seek out opportunities and provide tools to make your property search stress-free. Holly is committed to putting your interests first and negotiating the best price for your new San Diego home. She regularly participates in real estate tours to stay updated on the best properties in your desired neighborhoods and will be there every step of the way.

Find Properties

To make an informed decision on where to live in San Diego, it is crucial to understand the neighborhood you’re considering. Holly can provide you with insights on local services, schools, recreation options, and market trends for each area. Our goal is to help you find a home that suits your lifestyle and needs perfectly. Working with an agent who has strong knowledge of Downtown San Diego is vital to your home buying experience. We encourage you to meet with us to strategize on how to get started with finding your perfect home. If you’re interested in other areas of San Diego, Holly can still assist you. Our home search tool can quickly locate the right area or school district in San Diego County that fits your needs.

Ready to Make an Offer

After you find a home that meets your needs, Holly will collaborate with you to submit an offer and communicate with the listing agent to determine the seller’s motivations and the best outcome for both parties. Utilizing Holly’s experience and market analysis, she will equip you with tools to compare similar properties and determine the optimal offer price. Throughout the process, Holly will keep you informed of any multiple offers and feedback from the listing agent. Whether your initial offer is accepted, rejected, or countered, Holly is well-equipped to guide you through presenting counteroffers to negotiate the best possible outcome with the seller.

Home in Escrow

After both parties have agreed to the contract, the next step is to begin the escrow process. An escrow company serves as a third-party to exchange money for the property between the buyer and seller. Leo works with the best escrow agents in San Diego to ensure a smooth transaction. If any contract contingencies exist, such as home inspections, Holly will arrange them. During the escrow period, you can learn more about the property and determine if you are ready to proceed with the sale or have a valid reason to withdraw. Holly and her escrow team can assist you in obtaining credits for any issues that arise during this process, or in retrieving your deposit if you back out due to property contingencies. Holly will collaborate with the mortgage lender and property appraiser to ensure that your funding is processed promptly.

Keys to your Home

Congratulations! The escrow company has transferred your funds to the seller, and you now officially own your new San Diego home. Holly will provide you with the keys to your new home, and we’re happy to recommend the best moving services and vendors to help you get settled. Even after the sale, we’re here to answer any questions you may have and ensure you feel welcome in your new home. Holly’s goal is to provide you and your family with a five-star home buying experience, from pre-qualification to stepping foot into your brand new home.

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